• July 20, 2016

    Thirty-one years ago today, Mel Fisher and his golden crew were the first to lay eyes on the Atocha’s Motherlode since it was lost in 1622. From that momentous day forward, many lives have been touched with this inspirational story of hard work and perseverance. July 20, 1985 will always be a monumental day in Mel Fisher’s Treasures’ history and we continue to add more “Today’s the day” moments as we search for the rest of the Atocha and Margarita treasure. Our continued success wouldn’t be possible without our brave crews, our investors, and the community of Key West!

  • Thank you to everyone who attended Mel Fisher Days events and supported the Wesley House. We greatly appreciate all the businesses that donated to our annual silent auction and all of our volunteers who gave a helping hand at our events. Congratulations to all of our contest winners! We are still totaling up the proceeds we raised for Wesley House Family Services, stay tuned for the final count!

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