Florida’s Sebastian Inlet – Fishing Guide

Sebastian Inlet pier imageSpanning the southern end of Brevard County and the northern tip of Indian River County, the Sebastian Inlet is perhaps the premier fishing spot in Central Florida.  This relaxed Florida State Park and the adjacent undeveloped parks and shoreline is a popular destination for residents and visitors alike.

For those avid anglers familiar with Sebastian Inlet, the anticipation of driving to the inlet early in the pre-dawn hours can sometimes be almost too much to bear.  Thoughts of a wide variety of game fish  including snook, redfish, tarpon and just about every other possible near-shore saltwater catch preoccupies the mind.

As one nears the bridge, there is often a moment of internal debate.  Would it be best to fish the shoreline South of the jetty?  Perhaps today is the day to fish under the bridge from the southern entrance to the park.  Maybe it would it be better from the northern park entrance along the ocean side jetty walkway.  Once you finally set your goal and enter the park, your heart starts racing as you approach the water.  When you hook up on one of the inlet’s famed redfish, huge snook or maybe a Goliath grouper, you understand why you made the trip to fish Sebastian Inlet.

Conditions and Specifics About Sebastian Inlet

The Sebastian Inlet is relatively narrow compared to other inlets and rather shallow as well.  Generally less than 20 feet deep, the currents are usually quite swift.  There are keys to being successful fishing Sebastian inlet, but it’s not as simple as just wetting a line and hooking a fish. If you plan to fish below the surface, you will need to take plenty of tackle.  The rocky bottom (an inviting refuge for hooked fish) and never ending swift currents present challenges for even the most experienced anglers.

Current Conditions and Forecast for Fishing at Sebastian Inlet

Image of the Sebastian Inlet

Sebastian Inlet Live Cam

Before you travel to Sebastian inlet for fishing or other recreation, it is always a good idea to explore the area in advance. Many individuals may be unaware that there are some great tools available to take advantage of to learn just about anything you would like before you go. The Sebastian Inlet Cam is a lot more than just that. With this great tool, you can quickly see what the current conditions are at the Sebastian Inlet including:

  • Current number of folks fishing the jetty (updated about every half hour)
  • Current weather conditions
  • Wind speed, direction, trend, and forecast
  • Tide charts for the inlet
  • Weather forecast for the day
  • Surrounding beach areas (can zoom in for more detail)

Latest Fishing Reports for Sebastian Inlet

Snook image from fishing report

Fishing Report From Sebastian Inlet District

Another great tool when planning a fishing trip to the Sebastian Inlet which is provided by the Sebastian Inlet District is an actively updated fishing report. This report is updated daily from Monday through Friday and includes great useful information to see what fish are running, what baits are working, and other details about the current bite.

Some of the photos are not today’s catch, but the daily article clearly tells you that and gives accurate current information. Before you start your fishing trip, get prepared by learning more about the current fishing conditions at Sebastian Inlet.

You will also learn more from some of the local anglers to see how the current conditions have changed from their previous experience. The informative articles include details about up-coming events in the area and other items of interest. Be sure to read through some of the older articles to take advantage of their knowledge.

Some General Information About Sebastian Inlet

There has recently been some construction in the Sebastian Inlet area, so plan for things to change from time to time. Bridge work appears to be an on-going project, so take advantage of the other links from the Sebastian Inlet District (above) to see what the latest condition is.

The catwalk fishing platform on the southern end of Sebastian Inlet is somewhat different from the jetty pier on the North jetty.   On this structure, you can get over the water and fish for game fish. The bridge support piers provide snook and other big game fish an ambush point for the bait which gets pushed to them by the strong currents.

Make sure you have sharp hooks and plenty of weights of all sizes.  Depending on the current at any given time, and the location you have chosen for your vantage point, it may be best to choose a lighter weight.  This can allow you to avoid some of the rocky structure below by keeping the bait above it.

Fishing Sebastian Inlet

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