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Read what one of our own agents: PHYLLIS HORNER says in her own words……

I’ve been in Real Estate for over 20 years. I really love the entire process of helping people to buy and/or sell their homes. I find it rewarding.

I have been with two of the  most successful “Beach Firms” in Vero.  I stayed with the first firm for almost fifteen (15) years, out of habit, I guess. My next step was also a large barrier island firm with many very competent, nice Realtors. I think we all know how hard Realtors work. Both of these companies had competing residential brokers, and the staff of each offices worked strictly for the brokers, not the Realtors. I found myself questioning my decision to stay in the Real Estate field, as I was become more and more dissatisfied with the firm’s policies. I did reasonably well in both companies, but was not thrilled with my performance, nor Real Estate in general. I came so close to retiring because it just wasn’t rewarding or stimulating any longer, and both staffs made it so difficult to list or sell a home due to that office’s regimented requirements. They made it a paperwork nightmare.

 Fast forward a few years and I’m the most successful and content I have ever been. The difference? – I joined David Walsh & Associates Real Estate. I’ve never encountered a Broker and Support Staff like this. The staff is there for YOU 100%. They will do whatever is necessary to help you succeed. They will help design flyers, personal brochures, Just-listed, Just-Sold cards and business cards. They will help you design advertisements, signs and promotional materials. They are open to any suggestions that might just help you sell or list in that farming area you’ve been trying to break into. They actually work for the Realtors in the office and not specifically for the Broker. That is a huge difference.

 David Walsh has been the only Broker I’ve ever had who cares whether or not you, as an individual, are living up to your own definition of success. He’s always available, open to any new ideas, who will go to bat for you if needed. I can’t say enough about his management technique, only that it works.

 My income differential in being in one of the big Beach firms and being in the Walsh firm, and my pleasure and contentment with Real Estate in general is at an all-time high!

Note: Phyllis Horner has had 12 closings as of June 27th, and 4 additional are pending.

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